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He Lian-hua
A Spanish Flamenco Performer

Elvis Magic Dance Troupe Leader, He Lianhua, is one of the best performing artists of the Spanish dance of Flamenco. She excels not only at choreography but also teaching. Her performance works often incorporate ballet, modern dance, flamenco, and Taiwan’s local creative dance traditions. He Lianhua’s ” Elvis Magic Dance Troupe” is located in Danshui, New Taipei City and accompanies the tribal children in the Taoyuan mountains in Kaohsiung by financing trips every year since the 2009 Morakot disaster hit the mountain tribe in order to rebuild hope by teaching dancing to the children for free.

Elvis Magic Dance Troupe https://www.facebook.com/115565438496109/

Q & A

Q:How do you start your day?

A:Whenever I’m at home in Taipei, I’ll sleep in until I naturally wake up. So, my day usually starts at 11 a.m., then I’ll prepare a good and light brunch. As I have a tight teaching schedule or rehearsal afterwards, I will need to relax a little and take my time on the toilet (laughs).


Q:Where do you visit the most?

A:The Genio Dance Company is based in Tamsui, and we welcome you to come and have fun with us! If you are lucky, you’ll even see some Formosan Blue Magpies.


Q:What do you do for leisure after work?

A:Drinking wine, watching documentaries, spacing out with Facebook (ha ha ha ha), or posting something on Facebook. When I have enough money, I’ll go out to eat at a nice restaurant. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant, but I find that food is so comforting. I also spend time at my friend’s house, and if there are kids at home, I’ll cook for them. This is my interest.


Q:Which restaurant do you often visit?

A:Davinci Caffe in Guandu is located on the campus of the Taipei National University of the Arts. They offer a small buffet with every main dish. The food tastes good and the prices are reasonable. What’s more, you can enjoy a great view of Guandu Plain at night.
FB: search: Davinci Caffe


Q:How has Flamenco changed you? Please use one sentence to describe Flamenco dance.

A:I started dancing when I was three, but didn’t come across Flamenco dance until the age of 20. It did change me, making me very brave and proud of being myself. Even my cynical self can feel a sense of freedom from Flamenco dancing, through the sounds of the footsteps and emotion from my body. Flamenco dancing will be part of me forever. It has really changed me, especially in terms of sincerity, which is the most important part, helping me get closer to the deeper side of my soul.

This is really hard! Flamenco is hard to describe, especially in one sentence. It may be put like this, “dance is my breath, and Flamenco is my soul.”


Q:What book have you recently read? Do you have any realizations or feelings about the book?

A:人魚の眠る家(Home of the Sleeping Mermaid) by Keigo Higashino
The ending of this novel touched me. I won’t spoil it here (ha ha ha ha).
In the story, a little girl drowned by accident. She was pronounced brain dead when emergency services arrived. In order to keep her daughter alive, the mother had her put on life-support machines. Others could not understand the point of using a machine to sustain her life. The author describes the mother’s mental struggle and broken heart. And here comes the question: how does one know this brain dead person is alive or dead? Back to reality, a controversial issue is whether euthanasia should be legalized. The issues explored in this novel are worth thinking over. I highly recommend this book as a worthwhile read. Love waits for no one!


Q:What do you find the most interesting or appealing in Taiwan?

A:I go to the mountains every year to teach indigenous children how to dance, and this is already my 8th year. I would like to set up an Art and Culture House in the tribe (with the hope of making art and dance an integral part of life where God nurtures with love). With its establishment, seeds of art and love can be spread, and (the indigenous kids) can be cultivated gradually. I hope the gap between the city and the countryside can be bridged so that no barrier exists among the people. I believe everything can be changed with love.


Q:What are your expectations of staying at the Hotel?

A:I usually prefer to stay somewhere that feels more like home, like a small bed & breakfast. I would like the accommodation to offer a semi-open space for artists like us who need to get close to nature to inspire our creativity. I’ve stayed in 4-star and 5-star hotels, but I think it is a waste of space in spite of its magnificence. I like smaller places with a sense of everything and a homey feeling.


Q:What is your impression of the hotels of Taipei Inn Group?

A:Ambience Hotel.
From its appearance, it looks very simple yet high-end. People may feel a little intimidated at first. However, after stepping inside, it is actually quite cozy and relaxing. Behind the installation art, there is a concept of cooperation with public interest groups, which makes me feel that this is a lovely, warm and colorful place!!!

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